Our office offers top-level brokerage services to its clients, taking care of their every need. Our services focus on:

• Promotion of real estate for sale or lease
• Purchase or lease of commercial and residential real estate
• Purchase and sale negotiations
• Golden Visa grant program
• VIP Customer Service worldwide

In collaboration we offer:

• Legal assistance
• Technical assistance
• Maintenance, Renovation and Rehabilitation Services

Real Estate Promotion - Owner Representation

Utilizing their knowledge and years of experience, our partners are able to better understand the needs of the landlords and place your property in the most appropriate way on the market, ensuring that it is rented or purchased quickly and efficiently.

The promotion of your real estate is done through print and online advertising, presentations in Real Estate exhibitions in Greece and abroad, as well as direct marketing to existing clients.

Buying / Leasing Commercial & Residential Properties - Buyer / Tenant Representation

When a client assigns us to find a property, the first priority for us is to find the right property, both functionally and financially, that will meet each individual need. Our partners are always on the side of our clients, taking into account the goals and requirements of the tenants or buyers, offering them the right property for their business but also for the most efficient use of it.

Purchase and Lease Negotiations

Our long-standing presence in the real estate business has given us the opportunity to negotiate hundreds of sales and leases, equipping us with unique experience, techniques and tools in the real estate industry.

By being between the two parties we can help complete a transaction, avoiding any complications and offering practical solutions that work for both parties.

Golden Visa Grant Program

Having already - with complete success - been handling dozens of cases related to the Golden Visa program, we can confidently say that our office is one of the most highly qualified in this very special category of Real Estate in our country.

We are present from the first minute and coordinate every detail of the transaction, until the end of the case.

We have representatives in: China, Lebanon, Turkey, Iran, India, who are available to describe and explain the whole Golen Visa process.

VIP Services Around the World

Pick up from the airport and escort to your hotels.

Property visits are organized within a day or two and are combined with meetings with lawyers and engineers to discuss the details required and settle any issues.

We offer private real estate services, meetings, tailored to the needs of our VIP clients.

We arrange meetings and presentations in other countries upon request.

Documents needed for opening a bank account in Greece

We would like to inform you, that according to Law 3691/2008 and the relevant decision no 281/5/17.3.2009 of the Banking and Credit Committee of the Bank of Greece, the necessary documents are mandatory by an individual/non-resident to be submitted in order to open/operate an account in Greece, are listed below:

• Valid Passport
• Tax income issued by permanent residence country or employer’s certificate stating the total annual income or official Bank’s financial statement
• Certificate of profession or self-employment startup declaration or professional identity cart
• Proof of Greek tax identification number
• Recent utility bill or document verified by public authority confirming the current home address
• Landline phone service provider bill

All mentioned documents should be produced in their original form or verified by public authority, Consular office, notary public, etc. the exception of Passport which should be submitted original.

For non-resident customers, a verified photocopy of the Passport could be accepted.

All mentioned above documents should by officially translated to Greek or English.