Documents needed for opening a bank account in Greece

We would like to inform you, that according to Law 3691/2008 and the relevant decision no 281/5/17.3.2009 of the Banking and Credit Committee of the Bank of Greece, the necessary documents are mandatory by an individual/non-resident to be submitted in order to open/operate an account in Greece, are listed below:

• Valid Passport
• Tax income issued by permanent residence country or employer’s certificate stating the total annual income or official Bank’s financial statement
• Certificate of profession or self-employment startup declaration or professional identity cart
• Proof of Greek tax identification number
• Recent utility bill or document verified by public authority confirming the current home address
• Landline phone service provider bill

All mentioned documents should be produced in their original form or verified by public authority, Consular office, notary public, etc. the exception of Passport which should be submitted original.

For non-resident customers, a verified photocopy of the Passport could be accepted.

All mentioned above documents should by officially translated to Greek or English.