Learn about Us

Learn about Us

Our real estate agency is based in Varkiza, Athens Riviera and was founded in 1994 by Mrs Martha Sotiropoulou.

Our main activity is the sale and lease of real estate in the Southern suburbs of Attica, but also with a significant presence throughout Greece.

Equally strong is our activity in the field of investment and commercial real estate, in Athens and Thessaloniki.

We have strong expertise in the issuance of residence permits for buyers outside the EU (Golden Visa).

We combine the advantage of obtaining a residence permit with the best properties in the Greek market, whether residential or investment, giving the new owners a high rate of return. Our longstanding experience enables us to effectively advise buyers to achieve a sound and secure investment by placing their capital in the most efficient way.

Due to our cooperation with international clientele, we are well aware of the way to provide complete service to buyers and sellers alike. After the successful finding of the property, we have a team of experienced multilingual legal advisors (English, French, Russian, Armenian, Turkish) who undertake complete legal control of the property. We also work with certified engineers, architects and topographers, who can guarantee the technical integrity of the property.

After the purchase we keep on meeting the needs of the new owners always recommending the most value for money renovation and repair shops, decorators, furniture shops and experienced professionals of all real estate specialties.

We also undertake the long-term or short-term lease of the property in order to achieve a desired-ideal outcome.

Our customers have been so pleased with the exceptional service and the high performance of our office so they trust us with their next investments.

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