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MERRYLAND is a Real Estate agency and advisor based in Athens. Since its establishment in 1994, MERRYLAND has advised and assisted many local and foreign private and corporate investors in acquiring properties and realising investments within the Greater Athens area, the mainland and on islands in Greece.

The agency is a member of the Association of Realtors of Athens. MERRYLAND’s founder and Managing Director, Ms Martha Sotiropoulou, has also been an elected member of the Board of Directors of the Hellenic Federation of Realtors for many years. The Hellenic Federation of Realtors is the governing body of the Real Estate Agencies in Greece with a membership that exceeds 10,000 agencies. Ms Sotiropoulou is also a member of the Hellenic-Russian Trade and Industrial Chamber and the Hellenic-Serbian Union and has represented the Federation and Greece in many exhibitions and presentations in Greece and abroad.

MERRYLAND undertakes the completion of different and diverse projects for private or corporate clients. These projects include:
The agency executes each project under the supervision of a Project Manager and with the cooperation and assistance of different and specialized in respective fields professionals such as engineers, architects, lawyers, urban planners, property estimators, financial, due diligence and accounting experts, marketing and business consultants and insurance agents. Each case is analysed and planned according to expressed needs, stated objectives, legal and statutory framework and practises in Greece, professional ethics and always in full cooperation and close working relationship with the client or the representatives or team of experts that may be assigned by the client to the case.

Over the past 20 years MERRYLAND has acquired a good reputation within the real estate industry and has built an extensive clientele, which has immensely contributed to its expansion in Greece and in international markets in Europe, Middle East and Far East.
€ 240,000
Kifissia, a sunny, 3rd floor apartment of 220 sqm with wide verandas and view to green park is available...
€ 500,000
Kifissia, close to the National road and the market, a 3 storey house of 310 sqm, with a garden of 100...
€ 250,000
Varkiza, a sea side southern suburb of Athens, walking distance from the center and the sea,...
€ 260,000
Glyfada, Aixoni, 2' drive from the center, a 3rd, whole floor apartment of 130 sqm with verandas...
€ 300,000
Kifissia, Kefalari, apartment of 125 sqm, 1st floor, corner, with perimeter veranda is available...